New dapp of Zethyr is Swap usdt

July 14 2020

Chain-swap your USDT instantly.

Dear Zethyrians,

With the goal to empower TRON users with a full range of decentralised financial (DeFi) services, we are happy to introduce the next dapp in our Zethyr family – Swap USDT.

Swap USDT is an instant, secure and low-fee tool to help you chain-swap your USDT between TRON and ETHEREUM. At the beginning, we will only facilitate chain-swap from TRON to ETHEREUM but more pairs and directions will be introduced, based on your feedback. So please join our Telegram and vote for the next available pairs.

Why Swap USDT

  • Leverage all the available opportunities for your USDT not only on TRON but on ETHEREUM
  • Lowest fee, instantly and securely
  • Swap right away with your TRONLink or any TRON wallets
  • No registration, deposit or withdrawal
  • 24/7 support at our Telegram channel

Swap USDT will be available right at

Game on,