Zethyr Lending in the NewsLOGICAL

December 23 2019

First DeFi on TRON Network is Launching

Zethyr, a TRON decentralized exchange that distributed 100% to the community, has just hinted the proposed launch of the first DeFi on the TRON network.

Going by the info shared, this first DeFi will go live on the TRON network on the 24th of December, 2019, and promises to be backed by BitTorrent (BTT) and Wink (WIN).

In addition, Zethyr Lending gives room to dapp token holders to borrow TRX just by collateralising their tokens. For every dapp token on Zethyr, theirs is a corresponding daily interest and liquidation ratio. Token borrowers are to deposit their tokens as collateral. After that, they can borrow TRX.

From: https://newslogical.com/first-defi-on-tron-network-is-launching/