Zethyr Finance Top Depositor Competition

April 15 2020

From 13 April 2020 to 20 April 2020 EST, Zethyr Finance will reward top 50 depositors in $WIN and top 50 depositors in $BTT to Zethyr.Finance from TRONLink with a total prize pool of 20,000TRX — 10,000TRX for $WIN and 10,000TRX for $BTT.

Prize distribution

1st Place will receive: 1,750 TRX

2nd Place will receive: 1,050 TRX

3rd Place will receive: 450 TRX

4th-10th: 250 TRX

11th-20th: 200 TRX

21th-30th: 150 TRX

31th-40th: 100 TRX

41th-50th: 50 TRX

Terms and conditions:

  • The result will be based on the NET DEPOSIT amounts from 0000 13 April 2020 to 2359 20 April 2020, EST. So if a user withdraws 20 million $WIN on 13 April and deposits 20 million $WIN on 17 April, the net deposit amount is 0
  • Zethyr reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition or competition rules at our sole discretion
  • Winners must follow our Zethyr Twitter and join our Zethyr Telegram