Zethyr Exchange has been integrated into Zethyr Swap

July 30 2021

Zethyr DEX Aggregator


Hi Zethyrians,

We would like to announce the biggest update of Zethyr Exchange (ver 2.2.8). After analyzing behavior of Dapp users and evaluating Zethyr Exchange based on recorded datas, we realized that the order book model is no more suitable for Dapp users and decentralize-oriented development of Zethyr Exchange. Team Zethyr has decided to merge Zethyr Exchange and Zethyr Swap as Zethyr DEX Aggregator – a fully decentralized swap aggregator.

The major changes are the order book and related functions have been removed. You will swap your assets on Zethyr DEX Aggregator instead, the UI of the website has been updated and redesigned after swap function. Zethyr DEX Aggregator aggregates different exchanges & swaps to give the best exchange rate result (instantly and zero fee.)

Recent aggregated application on Zethyr DEX Aggregator:

  • Justswap
  • Uswap
  • Sun.io (coming soon!)




New project of team Zethyr on Binance Smart Chain: #dev DeFi

#dev DeFi aims to help users borrow BNB, BUSD and CAKE at low borrowing rates and receive interest for their collateral. Try apply collected strategy guides from users of #dev DeFi to make the best use of your holding assets.

→ Explore: https://devdefi.finance/#/