Zethyr Exchange in the Tron Weekly Journal

October 14 2019

The decentralized exchange shares 100% revenue with the community alongside being a zero-trading-fee platform.

Ever since the launch of its MainNet, a little over a year ago, TRON’s ecosystem has been growing steadily with a strong focus on decentralization. The Sun-led blockchain already boasts decentralized tokens, applications, smart contracts, and even multiple decentralized exchanges.

One such DEX is Zethyr exchange, which promises to reward its users by distributing 100% of all the revenue, thus giving back to the community that gave it life in the first place.

About the Exciting New Tron-based DEX Zethyr

Zethyr is a pretty young exchange based on TRON’s blockchain, and as such — a part of the TRON ecosystem. It is a decentralized exchange (DEX), which also features a native token, ZTR. However, ZTR had no ICO, IEO, or any other type of token sale. Instead, it is mined with trades, and the tokens can only be released in circulation if people are using the exchange to trade.

This is very similar to how Bitcoin is mined; the only thing is that BTC is not a native coin of any exchange. As like any professional crypto exchange, Zethyr hopes to attract new users and give its token a higher value over time.  ZTR tokens can also be staked for gaining TradingPower, EcoPower, or VotingPower.

EcoPower is for those who wish to enjoy economic benefits from the exchange, such as receiving weekly dividends, which are paid out every Sunday. Trading power reduces the trading fees (which are already quite small, being at only 0.1%). As for the VotingPower, it is pretty self-explanatory, and it provides the holder with the ability to participate in decision-making and have a more significant impact on what will be done within the exchange.

Zethyr is already safer than most exchanges since it is a decentralized one. Zethyr Trust is managed by TRON’s own smart contract, meaning that no one can steal it. This even includes the exchange’s developers.

All transactions made within the exchange are stored on top of TRON blockchain, which makes the exchange completely transparent. And, since every user holds their own private key — their funds are completely safe from the exchange, its developers, as well as anyone else.

The Cessation

In conclusion, Zethyr exchange appears to be a tremendous new DEX that is just starting off, with a plan to make its platform, as well as its native token, a future hit. The fact that it is based on a trustworthy, popular project such as TRON is undoubtedly going to help, mainly since the TRON community is one of the strongest ones in the crypto industry.

For now, the exchange needs to dedicate its efforts toward growing its user base and token supply, so if there are those interested in helping and becoming a part of its community. Yes, the video contest that’s open right now is doing a lot of good to the exchange already.

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