Zethyr Exchange AMA with Scott, Lead Admin of TRONTOPIA

November 07 2019

AMA was with Scott, Lead Admin and Development Coordinator of TRONTOPIA in our Official Telegram Community (https://t.me/ZethyrExchange)

Host: Welcome to our AMA Trontopia Admin.

Q: Can you introduce yourself and TOPIA briefly?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: Sure!

My name is Scott and I am the lead admin and development coordinator for TOPIA.

Topia was formed in January of this year. We are comprised almost entirely of Dapp players and community members. And we decided to launch our own dapp due to the lack of transparency and fairness in the space.

We are located all over the world, US, Paris, Japan, Singapore, Greece, Australia, Israel, UK, among others.

Our ultimate goal is to build the fairest, most stable, and most transparent gaming platform on any blockchain.

Host: Cool. Hi Scott! Ok let’s start with a simple question first.

Q: What are the key selling points of TOPIA compared to other casinos around the blockchains?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: Everything is open source. We verify our contracts so the plain-English code is visible and verifiable by the public.

With that, we are able to prove that our randomness is just that… Random.

We believe in the power of the blockchain and the ability of the current and future blockhashes provide for random number generation, and do not utilize any Oracle (on Tron, currently IOST operates with an Oracle, but this will be changing very soon).

On top of that, we have one of the most warm communities, and a very active staff that is capable of helping and answering any questions. Most dapps do not provide this level of support.

Host: Wow I have just learnt that you guys do not use Oracle

Q: So everything is on-chain?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: 100%, We use a commit and reveal approach

Host: Amazing 100% blockchain with that comes to our next question which most casinos are concerned

Q: How secured is TOPIA for users?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: We are extremely secure, but we did not get here without first hitting our speed bumps.

We have a phrase we say around TOPIA, and that is that we have hit every branch on the way down the tree so to speak, but because of this, it has given us immense knowledge and insight into possible attack vectors, and has allowed us to become one of (if not the most?) secure dapp in the space currently.

Due to us having these issues, we now not only take extreme care, but have advanced knowledge on the subject and I am confident that our security will always be some of if not the best utilized.

Host: I’m glad to hear that

Q: Could you share more details about what security features you have in place?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: Yes,

Every parameter is controlled and governed by our smart contracts… What does this mean? Things like maximum win allowed, maximum bet, what range you can roll on… These are not controlled by our front end website, they are controlled by the contract itself, and a lot of dapps do not operate this way, which is a huge mistake.

We utilize a commit and reveal system that makes it impossible to predict or exploit our random number generation, this is what allows us to have a fully on-chain rolling experience while remaining secure. Current blockhash as the main source of entropy for the random number generator is widely known to be truly unpredictable.

We have a few other security features as well… Functions in our contracts that keep the vast majority of the balances away from public facing functions

Host: Yes I have to say that randomization is one of the trickiest part in running a fully on-chain casino. I believe that the track record of TOPIA has shown that the platform is secured. So let’s jump to a question from the audience


Trontopia Admin — Scott: Thank you for the nice words Vinod

Priorities for user acquisition first start with building our platforms so when marketing pushes happen they have a higher retention level, and overall are more successful.

With that, our plan is to focus heavily on development for the remainder of 2019 and the early part of 2020. With that there will be some marketing taking place, but the big marketing push will be saved for when we feel it will have the most positive impact, which is when we have more of the platform up and operating.

We are getting extremely close with Blitz, I know a lot of people have been very excited about that.

Vault is a mini-game that has been mostly ready for a while now, but it has been held back due to the upcoming change to Mining with the implementation of Seasonal Mining. Vault will come into play with the Seasonal Mining update.

We have recently launched our sportsbook on TRON, and we have many upgrades and improvements coming to it as well.

We need to align our platforms so they have the same offerings, as well as get these upcoming games released, along with a couple of surprises coming very soon actually that are not on our roadmap. Once these are complete, we will have many games across multiple chains and we will begin a very strong marketing push to bring fresh and new players to the dapp space.

Host: Wow. Development first I see

Trontopia Admin — Scott: Doesn’t mean we aren’t marketing. Lol, but we have an actual marketing plan we want to execute that we are holding back until some of these soon to launch games and features are released.

Host: That’s an amazing approach given that most dapps are mostly hit and run. OK since we touched briefly on iOST Topia

Q: Why did TOPIA acquire iOST Play?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: Many reasons, I actually recently answered this question for another interview so pardon if it seems like the same answer again

1. IOST is one of the fastest blockchains currently. Our games rely heavily on speed and low/efficient gas costs. IOST is great in this area.

2. The IOST market is young, and untapped. We feel the dapp usage on IOST is going to rise significantly in 2020, and it is important we are at the front of that surge, as our vision relies heavily on crosschain platforms.

3. The foundation support on IOST is incredible. It is the only complaint I have with TRON is the Foundation seems to have a bit of favoritism going on, which I have yet to experience with the IOST foundation.

4. The community is amazing, and growing. It is very much like how Tron’s was this time last year.

It just made sense that it is the next step for TOPIA and IOST be the first chain we branched out to.

Host: Yes I read that interview, but I believe that it will benefit everyone here so no harm repeating. Now talking about iOST Topia

Q: If any differences do/will iOST Topia have compared to TRON Topia?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: Ideally, we want the platforms to mirror each other regardless of which chain. The main differences you will see are slight variations in Tokenomics.

For example, I don’t see there being an ISHARE (like TSHARE), as there aren’t many IRC10/20 tokens yet.

But from a content perspective, we want them to be near mirror images of each other, and over the coming months we will work towards that.

We want it to be as easy as switching which currency you are playing with.

Host: I believe that will minimize confusion. Before coming to the next question, I want to disclose that I’m holding TOPIA tokens as well

Q: How does iOST Topia affect current TOPIA token holders? How about current iOST Play token holders?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: Currently, there is no effect. Both platforms will operate entirely separately for the time being.

Now, in the future, but this is a ways down the road, we are implementing an Umbrella rewards system, and all Topia holders (whether Tron topia, IOST topia, or whichever TOPIA), will receive these Umbrella tokens, the Umbrella tokens will receive dividends from all of the platforms.

This is pretty far off for now though.


Q: So these umbrella tokens will displace the current tokens? Without getting too technical, if I buy your umbrella tokens on TRON, how do I receive dividend from iOST?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: Well… I can’t really go into too much detail without revealing some plans we don’t want to be too public yet because it’s a very exciting…

But I can say basically yes, eventually TOPIA holders will merge into one… under a new Token or Chain.

But, again, this is Q4 2020 type of stuff.

Host: OK if you can’t reveal for now, it is okay. So next is a question from the audience


Trontopia Admin — Scott: Thanks for the question kpop

I reached out to David a couple of months back. I saw an opportunity and presented it to him. At first he respectfully declined, but we kept in contact and on friendly terms… and over time I believe he started to see the value in what we were offering, and they accepted.


– Mining reset

– Seasonal Mining

– iDiamonds swap for iPlay holders

Once we have these implemented, we will definitely launch the mining reset with a large event and marketing push to let everyone know mining has restarted

Host: Clean and clear. Another question from your fan


Trontopia Admin — Scott: We actually are doing more here than people in the space currently see and realize.

We have been working with @MidEarthCrypto who has been traveling around the country going to universities and speaking about TRON and DAPPS. Part of his presentation is about TOPIA. He was hired by TRON and sponsored by us to travel and spread the word to communities and schools who express interest in blockchain.

We also are working with several non-blockchain, but gaming and gambling related online influencers who are ready and willing to promote and market TOPIA to their respective audiences once we give them the green light.

Alongside the usual marketing tactics:

– Ads, banners

– Twitter/social media marketing

– Articles (cointelegraph, iost-watch, etc)

Host: I see, I believe that given your priority for development at the moment. OK last question, also from our audience


Trontopia Admin — Scott: We do plan to expand to other blockchains besides just TRON and IOST. We ideally want to be on at least 4 different chains before we implement the Umbrella system, so we got more to go for sure.

And yes, we want it to eventually be seamless to the point where you are going to TopiaNetwork.com (yes, I own the domain, dont go try to steal it), you pick which currency you want to play with, and you play.


Q: including fiats?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: Unlikely, Maybe USDT

IOST was the one that was going to be probably the most difficult transition though, as it’s contracts are not written in Solidity, so it’s not a direct conversion process… So we are happy to get this one out first


Q: So I guess the next 2 chains will use the variances of solidity?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: What we are looking at right now, they use Solidity, yes

Host: Wow, that’s a big hint.

Q: Anything else you would like your TOPIA fans to know?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: Firstly, we love you guys.

2nd, we are working our butts off to get all of this stuff rolled out

Host: Yes please work hard. Thank you Scott and have a good weekend

Trontopia Admin — Scott: No problem, thank you for having me for this very nice AMA

Audience: TRONTOPIA Is going to buyback and burn Topia’s in november

Q: How many are they planning to buyback and burn?

And What is your team size, how many people?

Trontopia Admin — Scott: Yes, we are starting the buyback program this month, those details will come.

10 Moderators, 9 Developers, my self and a few other owners.

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