Install TronLink and Trade on Zethyr Exchange

September 10 2019

If you already have and know how to use TronLink, skip to step 3.

Step 1: Download TronLink

Go to the Chrome Extension Store here

Once you accept the confirmation and download TronLink,  you will see TronLink logo appears in the extension area in the right of your internet browser bar.


Step 2: Create Account

Open TronLink.

Create Account and set the Account name.

Then set up the Password and Repeat the password. The password will be the login to your wallet and therefore to your funds.

Next step, you will have access to your mnemonics. Please write them down carefully and store it somewhere safe.

Then repeat the phrases in the correct order.

Congratulations, your TronLink is ready.

Step 3: Log in to Zethyr Exchange via TronLink

Go to Zethyr Exchange website. Click on TronLink at the top right of the page to connect to your wallet.

Step 4: How to Trade on Zethyr Exchange

Click on “Exchange”

On the right side of the page, select the trading pair you would like to trade. For example, select the BTT/TRX trading pair to enter the trading page.

If you want to buy BTT using TRX, enter the price in TRX in the upper bar and the amount in the lower bar in the “Buy” column. Check if everything is correct and click “BUY” to confirm the order. Note: the trading amount has to be more than 10 TRX.

You can see your wallet balance ( in the picture 44,423,937 TRX). To avoid errors, ensure the amount in Total is less than that in your wallet balance.

TronLink will pop up and ask for your confirmation. You can specify whether you would like to sign automatically or other intervals. If you do not want to see the authorization window for every transaction, you can select “Until the next login” and click “Accept”.

Once you have confirmed the transaction, the TRON blockchain will take at most a few seconds to process it. You can see your pending orders under Open Oder tab. Note: Your money will be on hold and unavailable for use while your transactions are pending, but it does not mean that the trade is successful.

You need to wait for the trade to be matched. You can cancel your orders at any time under Open Order and get back the amount of money which has not been matched.

Follow the same steps to sell tokens.


Happy trading!