Guide: How to supply and withdraw TRON tokens on Zethyr Finance 2

November 20 2020

We wanted to provide a step-by-step tutorial for you on how to supply and withdraw TRON tokens from Zethyr Finance 2. You will need to create a TRON wallet before you are able to supply and withdraw TRON tokens, so if you have not already done so, complete the steps below.

Additionally, we’ve created this video tutorial for you to follow along! Watch this short video to learn how to supply & withdraw tokens on Zethyr Finance. 

Get started on Zethyr Finance with our step by step tutorial.

If you already have and know how to use TronLink, skip to step 3.

Step 1: Download TronLink

  1. Go to the Chrome Extension Store here.
  2. Once you accept the confirmation and download TronLink,  you will see the TronLink logo appear in the extension area in the right of your internet browser bar. 

Step 2: Create Account

  1. Open Tronlink. 
  2. Create Account and set the Account name.
  3. Then set up the password and repeat the password. The password will be the login to your wallet and therefore to your funds.
  4. Next step, you will have access to your mnemonics.
  5. Then input the phrases with the correct order.

    Please write them down carefully and store it somewhere safe.

Congratulations, your wallet is connected.


Step 3: Log in to Zethyr Finance via TronLink

Go to Zethyr Finance website. Click on TronLink at the top right of the page to connect to your wallet.

Step 4: Supply token on Zethyr Finance

  1. Click on the “MY PORTFOLIO” to start.
  2. Select the BTT token then click on “Enable”.
  3.  Deposit BTT token on Zethyr Finance.
  4. Supply BTT token.

Note: the supplying amount must be at least 100 BTT. 

After successful deposit, you can supply BTT token.

Congratulations, you have successfully supplied 100 BTT.

Step 5: Withdraw token on Zethyr Finance

  1. De-supply BTT token.
  2. Withdraw BTT token.

Congratulations, you have successfully withdrawn.