Big update in version 2.1.5 – Zethyr Finance is now fully decentralized

November 10 2021

Hi all Zethyrian. Hope that you are well!

In the newest update of Zethy Finance, there is a big change in the interest distributing system of the product. From version 2.1.5, the total accrued interest from Zethyr Finance will be automatically calculated and distributed to each user. To claim your interest you need to make a claim action on the website interface, accrued interest won’t be auto-compounded to your capital.  Zethyr Finance’s users will know exactly the profit they earned before claiming it; before version 2.1.5 you will have to calculate it on your own.

The purpose of this change has more meaning than just an update of UX/UI, by updating the contract to enable users to actively collect their interest, Zethyr Finance had migrated its model from half-decentralized to fully decentralized. The admin of Zethyr or any other team member since version 2.1.5 will no longer have any authority to take action on the interest or deposited assets of users.

Join our community and stay tuned for the next updates!