500,000 TRX Free Trading Daily

May 28 2020

Dear Zethyrians,

Today, by popular request of Zethyrians, our network daily quota of free trading (see equation below) has been increased to 500,000 TRX.

What is TradingPower?

Trading Power is for token holders who would like to enjoy maximum trading benefits from the platform. ZTR holders can stake their ZTR to TradingPower at the ratio of 1 to 1. If users convert their ZTR to TradingPower, they can enjoy a daily quota of free trading. 

The ratio of free trading quota of an account to that of an entire exchange is equal to the ratio of the account’s TradingPower to the total TradingPower across the exchange at that time.

Therefore, the free trading quota of a given amount of TradingPower may change over time.

Free Trading with TradingPower 

Traders can enjoy free daily trading quota by staking their ZTR to TradingPower. Without the free trading quota, the transaction fee is 0.1 percent, one of the most competitive fees out there. The competitive fee encourages more trades on the platform while provides financial incentive for ZTR holders to grow the community.

You can also watch our video tutorial

Happy trading!